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Tom Barrie

Tom Barrie is a UKSOC registered celebrant with a passion for delivering a truly memorable day. Tom is based in Liverpool, but happily travels the UK and Europe to officiate at weddings.

A member of the LGBTQ community and a lover of love, Tom constructs and leads completely personalised weddings, commitments and renewal of vows ceremonies based on the choices and requirements of you as a couple. He will work with you every step of the way in order to ensure that you are at the very heart of your ceremony and your love for each other is represented in the most sincere manor.

No pre-used scripts, no templated words, no religious connotations, each and every ceremony is unique. UKSOC Wedding Celebrants are trained to write and lead weddings, renewal of vows and commitment ceremonies but Tom takes it one step further.

Tom breathes love, life and joy into life events and perfectly compliments same sex, alternative and themed weddings.

your wedding

Your Wedding

Non conformist, modern couples and those who want to add their own personal flare to

their life's celebrations.

 A celebrant-lead wedding ceremony enables non-religious couples  to declare their mutual love and commitment in their own way with a meaningful ceremony whilst also enjoying the joy and intimacy that these modern rituals bring. A perfect way to personalise your alternative, same sex or themed life celebrations.

Tom is a UKSOC registered celebrant and professional event planner. He will dedicate time over the course of your celebratory planning period to get to know you both in order to build a strong and understanding relationship. This will not only give him a brand new set of friends but mean that he can deliver a personal and sentimental ceremony straight from the heart that is perfectly tailored to your own story.

Every ceremony that Tom writes and presents is unique and working with you so closely means that she can give you tips, advice and introduce new ways and new traditions to your special day.

"Love is never wrong"


Contact Tom

07973 520053



Tom was our celebrant in June 2018 when he married myself and my now hubby. It was an absolutely amazing day, and that was partly down to Tom.

During the lead up to the wedding, Tom was fantastic in helping us organise ourselves in terms of what we wanted to include within our ceremony, including the wording of what Tom himself was going to say as well as how we wanted the organisation of the ceremony to go.

He had a really calm and methodical approach to helping us plan our day, which is exactly what we needed during the madness leading up to our wedding day! Tom was also really flexible in his availability as to when we could either just phone him to run an idea past him, or when we could meet up to finalise details.

I would highly recommend Tom for any celebrant/wedding events. I really cannot fault the service he gave us.

Thanks a million! Xxxx

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